Lifespan volunteers play an important part within our team. Our volunteers work as ambassadors for our organisation, helping to spread the word about the organisation They support a range of different activities including:

  • local fundraising;
  • small and large events;
  • cake baking;  and
  • befriending.

Our volunteers offer as much or as little time as they can spare. It can be on a regular weekly basis or a one off event. We provide an induction, support to all of our volunteers, and expenses where appropriate.


Why volunteer?

  • It’s easy to volunteer, it is fun and is a great way to meet new people and make new friends
  • It feels great giving something back and helping others
  • Anyone can volunteer to help at Lifespan
  • You will feel a valued part of our team
  • Gain confidence, self-esteem, use existing knowledge and develop new skills
  • Volunteering is flexible and can be as little as an hour or as much time as you can spare as often as you can spare it!

If you would like to find out more about our volunteering at Lifespan contact us on 01434 622398, click here: contact us

Or complete the form on the following page and we will contact you. Volunteering Form.