Family & Friends Charity Kick Golf event @Wheelbirks

Come along to join us for our family & friends Kick Golf event at Wheelbirks, raising money for Lifespan. It is £19.95 for a team of 2 adults and 2 children ( child: under 13's) to play a round of Kick Golf and every participant receives a Wheelbirks ice cream.

There will be a prize for the winning team.

Tickets will be on sale next week, you will select a TEE OFF time with your ticket, these will start from 10am onwards with 10 minute intervals, if you wish to reserve a TEE OFF time prior to tickets going live, you can message this event page or message Lifespan's Facebook page, to reserve your place. You can call us but we only work 10 hours a week so it may be better via Facebook until the tickets go live as we can pick this up at home.

TEE OFF time selection will be on a first book/ reserve basis.

What is Kick Golf?

Kick Golf takes all of the key principals of Golf but is played with your feet and a football with larger holes.

So the idea is to get the ball from the starting point (tee) in to the hole in as fewer shots as possible. The length of the holes vary in length from 50 yards to 300 yards.

We will have a tombola at Wheelbirks too. We are very grateful to Wheelbirks for allowing us to run our event at their fabulous venue and to Kick Golf for allowing us to use the kit for free.