Successful 1st Summer Garden Party for Lifespan - August 2016.

What a great day we have had at our 1st Lifespan Summer Garden Party. Held at Minstercares within the Peace Garden on Saturday 27th August, we were very lucky to have such wonderful weather.

We are still to work out final funds raised, but we believe we raised well over £300+ from the Party.

Sincere thanks to everyone who attended. We are ever so grateful to you for your support and we hope that you enjoyed the day as much as we did. We hope you will join us once again at our Lifespan Summer Garden Party next year. 

The fundraising team would like to offer our sincere thanks to Durham Catering College Students & lecturer Paul who ran the lunch beautifully, to Pauline Mulholland who provided the most beautiful welcome to the party with mimosa's & crudités & to Louise & Glen who kept our guests entertained with the most perfect set of classical music that suited the Gardens just perfectly and to our youth and adult volunteers who worked from morning to evening to help ensure the event was a success.

Our fundraising events are not possible without public support and the time given by  our volunteers.

We shall add all pictures of the event to our past events on the website, for now, those on social media can check out the pictures via our Lifespan Facebook Page